Adorama Instagram Monthly Photo Challenge in 2019

Social media has been a part of our lives from many years. The game changed when Facebook stepped in. From connecting people to establish a good business on it people had a lot more benefits on it. Many social applications started to launch but no one did beat Facebook. Some years later a new application named Instagram stepped in and voila! A whole new level of trend was set. People in a huge number started to put more interest in Instagram. And today Instagram is the biggest application in social media fam.

With its whole new level of features and benefits people turned to Instagram leaving their Facebook accounts which has became a bit boring. On Instagram, big brands started to create their account and yes they are getting a huge benefit from it. As many cheap Instagram followers you will have as much benefit to your business you will have.


Instagram basically is a platform where we share our photos with our friends, family and with the whole wide world. Taking it as a beneficial source many businesses accounts have launched where sharing your photos with the world can provide you fame and money as well. And people definitely have shown love and interest toward it. Well, who don’t want all this?

Adorama picture challenge:

In 2016, the show Adorama TV show aired a very interesting reality show which was Top photographers. In this show total 5 photographers were selected and they compete against each other. The show was of 4 episodes but went very popular and people wanted more of it. Therefore, Adorama announced this year about the photography challenge again but with some actual good changes. This competition will take place on the platform of Instagram. Thus, every Instagrammer have the opportunity to take part in this competition. The other good thing is, this show is not a yearly show. This is a monthly show. And it will take place every month. And people have more chances to win and take part and also get more knowledge about photography. The show is named as Best photography challenge with Nigel Barker.

The show take place on IGTV with a renowned photographer Nigel Barker. As already told, the show is set in a monthly pattern. So different photography challenges are given to contestants in a duration of total 6 months. The photo challenge begin with the Portrait challenge. Where contestants have to work with their best portraits and submit it. Fast forwarding, the last challenge is a trip of last 2 contestants to a city selected by the judges,  like last year it was New York City.

The winner burrero told himself that he got lucky as he already have visited the place before which helped him find the best places in NYC where he could take best photographs for the final challenge. This is how luck and experience does work in this show. The format of the show is that in each episode one contestant have to eliminate so that at the last episode final 2 photographers compete with each other. Talking about the prize, the prize include many things but for a passionate photographer the best of thing about this prize is that Nigel Barker himself arrange a open exhibition where a guest list of renowned industry personality appears.