How to open an account for Amazon FBA

Following mentioned are some of the key steps for you to help you in starting your FBA business and to initiate a business plan for FBA.

  • Creating account

This is the first step which you must do because you cannot have your FBA business without creating a seller account on Amazon. You can also do this step later but doing this step first will make you committed for your business setup. Following are the steps for creating account

  1. Go to the footer section of the Amazon official website. The section is present on the bottom.
  2. You will see a bold column mentioning Make Money with us.
  3. Below that column, there would be a link having a label sell on Amazon.
  4. Click on the link and there would be further directions then which you’ll have to follow to make your account.

Individual vs. Professional

At the time when you are making your account, you have to make up a decision in your mind that whether yoi want a professional account or an individual one. Following mentioned are the points to make you understand the difference between these two.

  • A professional account has a monthly subscription fee which you have to pay every month. The fee is $39.99. However in your first month of use, you your will have a free one month trial
  • An individual account is limited to some key features and it also doesn’t charge you with any fee. There would be a lot of limitations for you while using it which are not in the case or a professional account.

If you are just having a test and you don’t want any details features, then having an individual account is normal. But to start the things right off, spend some money and have a professional account.

  • Select your niche

This is the toughest part in your moving towards the FBA business because you would want a golden chance for you business but you need to be careful as businesses involve risk. The best way with which you can select a niche for your business is to think that what you can do at your level best to get yourself fit in the e-commerce industry. Follow mentioned are some steps to help you:

  • First of all make a list by considering the areas which you are most concerned about. You can select a niche from your hobbies as well. You can take your special interests as your business niche because the things you are most interested in will benefit you the more in your business outcomes.
  • A brainstorming session would be helpful for you in selection of the niche for your business. Think about all the products and product lines. Write them in a list and arrange them in the most suitable pattern.
  • Once you have listed down all the important things that were in your mind, shortlist your choices. For example if you like gardening, you can go into the business of gardening supplies etc.
  • Research about products

Once you have done the paper work, do your research regarding products and services product lines.