What is the best travel book to read before planning a trip to Europe?

Travel books are a great way to enlighten details about the trip before going to the trip. They help the reader to identify which places they should visit while traveling to such place. Many great travelers have said that they would always read a travel book before starting journey about the place they are visiting. This would help them to create an image of the place and they would pick the places where they can visit through the book. The best part of these books is that writer has written it like a story so it becomes more than just a travel book. It becomes a perfect novel to read on the way towards the trip.

The World of Venice

This book is one of the masterpieces written by a writer named as Jan Morris. The writer has written this book with a careful explanation of the area with beautiful description. This book as one of the idols before taking a trip towards the Europe. This book has a vast history it was written a few years back. There are few updated models of the book that are available in the market. The description about different sceneries of Europe present in the book is unexplainable only the writer Jan morris explain this better. All of these things written in the book can be found in the Venice. The book does relate to different feeling found a traveler experience on the trip. Europe is a place of wonders. The writer has also explained many different aspects of Venice ancient history. This book is also the best guide for the tourist who is visiting the area. All the ancient buildings and the structure of past generation has carefully been explained by the writers to the readers.

The book has been carefully scripted by the writer to explain different facts about the city. Each part of the book has history, sceneries, different seasons are part of Venice and local people. The history covers almost all of the Venice past. The season is very well described by the writer as he tells a story that almost has involved all of the seasons. People of Europe have always been talented enough. Locals are always interested in the arts. They produce magnificent portraits that are undefinable. Writers made sure to translate some of those portraits in the words and he did a good job in doing that. Food has been one of the most ravishing parts of human travels. Europe food is like treating a tourist with royal food. All of the food cooked in the Venice has a special aroma which reminds the people they are in Europe. Locals of the Europe are very friendly and they get involved with the tourists help them a guide to routes of the city.

The writer presents the Europe as full of cities which gets electrified by their own heritage. This books clearly becomes one of the top candidates to read before visiting Europe