What will be the future of Huawei

Right now the most important as well as the useful information is the statement of Google regarding the Huawei phones which it has issued to the TechRadar:

The statement said that Google is complying with the said order and they are also reviewing implications. For the users who use google play and other Google-related functions, Google will continue to provide its support functions on all the existing Huawei devices.

This really is good news for all the Huawei users because Huawei has a huge market share. According to the recent update, the Chinese devices will be getting the google play store updates as they were getting before. Google has promised that it will not ban its features for Huawei now.

But one thing for you to know is that lift of ban isn’t permanent as this is just to give some extra time to the brands so that they can prepare Android supports for their models. This means that Huawei will keep on doing its business without any failure. Good has resumed its relationship with Huawei to deliver long term benefits.

Huawei in its statement also said that it will continue its partnership with all its existing partners supporting the phones. There would be some other implications too of Google’s decisions.

The company said that Huawei has made so much great contributions to the growth and development of mobile devices around the globe. Google had has strong relations with Huawei

Huawei has said that it will continue to provide after sales services and security updates to all the honor and Huawei cellphones and tablets which have been sold in the global stock.

Huawei didn’t say anything regarding the recent ban lift of google.

This change in statements will now let the Mate X to be launched with full fat Android which has ever been seen. This would really be a big target for bran. Enormous marketing campaigns have been done by it and this model will officially be unveiled in February. It is excited to lock its position in the market being a leader of technological world.

This really seems like this phone would at least be delayed. The CEO of the UK network during the launch of 5g networks said that brand has been paused on a temporary basis and the phone is stocked just to understand the reasons behind this ban.

Dixons car phone which is a UK dealer has followed the suit and the other halting plans do bringing launch of the 5g handset and this is how UK will be entering in the next Era of connectivity.

So the facts are still there that the current models of the devices would be more inclined for speedy updates which will last longer and the facts are now getting more jittery for the scenarios so that it becomes easy for huawei.

Most of the brands now will be honoring the security updates for At least about two to three years after new handset has been launched.