Will Smith: An Ultimate Instagram Sensation

Will Smith, is a famous American actor, comedian, rapper, producer as well as a media personality. He was once titled by the Newsweek as the most powerful actor in Hollywood. He has also been ranked as the most bankable star around the globe by Forbes. There is no doubt in these titles as he has earned them through his hard work and outstanding performance. Will Smith has enjoyed success in almost all the fields that he has step foot into such as television, film, and music.

Will Smith’s Instagram Profile

Will Smith is not just an amazing award-winning actor but also a huge hit on Instagram ever since he joined the social media website in December 2017. He has done this by simply being himself and making people laugh and enjoy, something he is a pro at. With over 33 million followers, 150 following, and 535 posts, Smith’s Instagram account is a total hit and one should definitely follow it. Some of Smith’s success on Instagram can be attributed to his decades-long status as a famous celebrity but majority of his success online is due to the fact that he is open, personal, and fun with his fans.

Super epic throwbacks

Smith has been a Hollywood sensation for many years. Over this time period, he has experienced a lot that he now shares with his instagram followers through throwback posts. Smith has a huge collection of old photos that he shares such as those that were shot while he was filming his hit movies and while he traveled the world.

An impressive collection of posts

Will Smith has as many as 535 posts on his Instagram profile. Each post is unique and fun in its own way. Smith’s unique style of posts never fails to amaze and impress his followers. He captures the attention of followers not just by posts that are fun but also takes them through his personal life. He shows his life with his wife and how they spent it together especially on occasions such as Christmas or when on a vacation.

Fun and hilarious content

Will is an amazing actor and comedian. He surely knows how it is done in the best way possible. His posts are as fun and hilarious as he is himself because he does not take his Instagram posts very seriously and never forgets to add a ting of humor to them thus making them shine online.

Never ending adventures

Will Smith is a man of adventure as he loves traveling a lot. Wherever he is traveling he takes his Instagram family along with him. Whether it be him feeding crocodiles in Australia or chilling in the Maldives, Smith never forgets to share these times with his followers.

Sum up

Will Smith is without a doubt a huge Instagram sensation. He is not just using the social media platform for usual selfies and food pictures but has given an incredible new direction to the posts by sharing his unique content. The actor doing what he does the best even on Instagram – making his followers laugh.